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Undoubtedly, wooden utensils for serving, home and kitchen decorations, including Haftsin tablecloths, decorative utensils, etc., are one of the most suitable options. The use of wooden utensils has a long history. But in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, with the advent of inexpensive glazed pottery, they became less popular. Recently, the use of utensils such as wooden plates and bowls as a healthy and environmentally friendly choice has become more popular.

In the continuation of this article, we intend to express the properties and advantages of wooden utensils and introduce the types of functional wooden utensils.

Advantages of using wooden utensils

Wooden dishes are antibacterial

Wood has natural antibacterial properties, which makes it a sensible choice to use wood to make wooden utensils. Plastic or melamine is easily scratched, and these are delicate scratches that can harbor bacteria and germs.

Wood, on the other hand, is antimicrobial, which is why you can see that chopping boards are made of wood, and in fact wood is far better than plastic for serving food.

The antimicrobial properties of wood prevent the growth of microorganisms. Its antibacterial properties also kill bacteria. Plastics and other manufactured materials are host to bacteria and microorganisms that are difficult to kill even in a dishwasher. While wood is antibacterial and is great for serving dishes.

Wooden container is recyclable

As we all know, plastics and melamine are definitely not environmentally friendly, but wood can be recycled over and over again. In addition, the wood is repaired and you can easily remodel a wooden worktop or other wooden utensil simply by smooth sanding and then using safe mineral oil for food.

Durability and durability of wooden containers

Another feature of wood is its durability. Quality wooden utensils are durable and will have a long shelf life. If wooden utensils are taken care of, they will maintain their appearance from year to year. Wooden utensils are easy to maintain and in some cases, wooden utensils can be used like the first day. Fractures and scratches on these dishes are a rare occurrence.

A variety of popular wooden cedar dishes

Wooden tray

The wooden tray in the decoration has a very interesting design and can be combined with a wide range of styles. Although they are also called cedar trays, their function is beyond service. Having a tray helps you to be organized, create an attractive design in the decor and create a different effect.

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