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New construction methods - پلتفرم مشاورمون

New construction methods

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New construction methods

In line with the development of building technology in the world, some countries have not made significant progress in this area. While with facilities such as young and educated labor, research and development centers, innovation and various materials and machinery still continue to build using the traditional method. These methods have many disadvantages such as high cost of construction, high dead weight of the building, low speed of construction, low quality and safety and so on.

Suitable methods for all types of buildings

For commercial, office, industrial, educational, hospital, apartment and mass buildings, the Up-Tilt method is suitable. Residential buildings, villas and apartments up to four floors with Stud Wood‌ method and up to seven floors with Stud Metal‌ method are suitable. Tall buildings, including offices, residences, and hotels with prefabricated bolted steel frames, lightweight metal or wood roofs, stud metal walls, and the use of insulators and anti-seismic dampers greatly reduce the dead load of buildings, resulting in building weight. Is reduced.

Execution of building with Warsh Up – Tilt‌

Applications of this method are used in the construction of chain stores, office complexes, warehouse shopping centers, industrial buildings, schools, hotels, apartments ‌


Design and fast execution of many construction steps by Up-Tilt method is done simultaneously by compressing the schedule..
Proper planning prepares the possibility of building and installing the final building system in a short period of time.
Fast, safe and convenient transportation on a concrete floor slab saves time and money. ‌
For concreting, on-site labor and ready-mixed concrete are used.
Reducing the cost of building with the Up-Tilt method Transportation costs, materials, skilled manpower, scaffolding and other costs can be controlled more easily because there are limited variables and a handful of Up-Tilt. Available concrete, easy reinforcement, local workforce are some of these variables.
Build a fast bike that enables fast use ‌ Improves cash flow for the contractor and the employer.
Innovation is the driving force behind Up-Tilt growth.
Efficient production, beautiful display, better materials indicate that Up-Tilt can be used in different types of buildings and anywhere.
Proper planning and use of computer in the design and placement of panels allows timely changes in this system.
The panels are polished on the floor, executed and eliminate vertical formwork, scaffolding and local weather problems.
Less manpower and savings in project execution minimize the possibility of unforeseen events occurring

The durability of Up-Tilt buildings against earthquakes and lateral forces such as wind has been tested and its resistance has been proven. Minimum cracking, subsidence, rust and fire resistance are among the effective parameters in the durability of up-tilt structures.

Operating costs

UP-Tilt concrete walls are thermally insulated and minimize heating and cooling costs.
Up-tilt buildings have lower insurance premiums than other buildings due to their advantages such as fire resistance, wind and earthquake resistance. Up-tilt buildings require less maintenance.
The Up-Tilt building can be unpainted and left without any adverse effects, and if painted, it will only need to be repainted every five to ten years. Exterior concrete surfaces, with their low vulnerability, are easy to wash or repair.

With careful planning, the Up-Tilt building can be designed to allow easy expansion or new entrances by easily removing and replacing concrete panels.

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