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The neoclassical style of the 18th century sought to restore the simplicity and order of the buildings, referring to buildings inspired by classical Greek and Roman architecture.

Neoclassical architecture emerged in the mid-18th century in response to the Rococo and Baroque styles. The prefix “neo” means “new” and the second part of the word also shows that this style was inspired by Roman and classical Greek architecture; But instead of using only parts of the old classical buildings in the new buildings, it focuses on the general logic of the period. Rococo architecture used many theatrical details in its buildings, and in response to these luxuries and asymmetry of the building, the neoclassical style emphasized the simplicity and smooth surface of the walls. Neoclassical, of course, is not the first style to look back to and be inspired by antiquity. The Western world has always found a way to return to the first unique human civilizations; The Roman arch, for example, was repeated in the Romanesque style of the 10th century, and the Renaissance between the 15th and 17th centuries was a revival of classical methods.

The ideal form that neoclassical architecture sought was the temple, which displayed the classical style in its simplest form. The roof in neoclassical architecture is usually flat and horizontal and can often be seen from below. Also, the facades of buildings are long and flat and often include several rows of independent columns. The exterior decor of the building is designed as simple as possible and the windows and doors are made to fit together and show the perfection of the classic style. Gardens around neoclassical buildings that follow geometric patterns are usually considered.

Although not all neoclassical buildings may have the same shape, in general the following features can be seen in many examples:

Large dimensions of buildings
Neat and tidy lines
Regular and simple appearance
Triangular Santouri (over the door)
Independent and tall columns that reached the height of the building and were mostly built in a doric way, but sometimes also used the ionic method.

Neoclassical in France

Neoclassical architecture originated in Italy, but due to the training of French architects at the “French Academy” in Rome, this style was able to become very popular in France. Classical practices gradually re-emerged at the end of the reign of Louis XVI; But the neoclassicists gained more popularity during the Napoleonic Empire, and in addition to public buildings, high-class people built their own houses in this style. Jacques-Germain Soufflot was one of the leading French architects whose masterpieces, the Pantheon in Paris, are considered. Jean Chalgrin is another neoclassical architect, and the Arc de Triomphe is one of his most famous works.

Neoclassical in America

Neoclassicism had many fans in Europe, but it can be said that this style found its true home in America. Neoclassical America influenced the new government after the Revolution of 1783, and even today traces of the architecture of the Parthenon of Athens and the Pantheon of Rome can be seen in the capital, Washington, DC. Thomas Jefferson, who designed the Monticello building in the neoclassical and Palladian style, and William Thornton, one of the most famous architects of the period.

Examples of neoclassical style

Among the many buildings that have been built in the neoclassical style, the following can be mentioned:

The White House in the United States, built in the Paladin and neoclassical style.
The United States Capitol, inspired by the Louvre and the Pantheon in Paris.
Monticello Building in America
Supreme Court of the United States Building
Arch of Victory in Paris
Bank of England in London
Old Museum in Berlin.

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