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Minimal wallpaper - پلتفرم مشاورمون

Minimal wallpaper

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Minimal style wallpaper specifications

Minimalism means simplicity, the least variety of colors, the least pattern, the least hustle and bustle. It is under these conditions that our mind can more easily analyze and process the desired space and will experience more peace and comfort. Many homeowners have chosen a minimalist style for their interior design and complement the beauty of the home environment with a minimalist style wallpaper. Even many people who have decorated themselves in a classic style and are relatively more crowded and luxurious, prefer to choose their wallpaper simply so that it does not add to the clutter of the space and moderates this visual clutter. Even professional decorators sometimes recommend that the walls of the house with windows, fireplaces or the like be decorated with plain wallpaper and patterned wallpaper be used for other walls. This combination also looks like an attractive idea!

Another topic that has become fashionable these days is the use of wallpaper for more inaccessible spaces such as toilets and bathrooms. It may not seem ideal to many people to use paper to decorate humid environments such as bathrooms and to think about why we should waste our money when after a short time our wallpaper in these spaces flakes and disappears. ? But the good news is that the decoration industry has also designed special wallpapers for such spaces, which are waterproof and have a very good durability against moisture and heat.

Another problem is that most people think that wallpaper can only beautify the walls of a residential house, yes! The use of wallpaper is more popular and common in homes, but you can choose a wallpaper with a suitable design for that space in any space. Minimal style wallpaper for work environments and offices, hotels, restaurants, commercial and entertainment places, etc. is also attributed and gives a special grandeur and warmth to that space.

Minimal style wallpaper specifications

Usually a wallpaper with the following characteristics is known as minimal wallpaper:

Simple and detailed designs

Crowded and flowery wallpapers can not be considered simple, and therefore minimalist wallpaper should use more simple lines and geometric shapes for shaping and design. This type of wallpaper is usually monochromatic, has a simple and repetitive pattern and can be set with any type of decoration. Many people use wallpaper for their walls so that the house is not bare and creates a feeling of warmth and intimacy in the space, but they do not know that if the type of wallpaper does not match the style of decoration, it will have the opposite effect and the beauty of others. He also overlooks the elements of the house. The good thing about minimalist wallpaper is that because of their simplicity and gentle designs, they never go out of style, they always look stylish, and you can have dozens of options to choose from for any space with any user model.

Fairly uniform color

Minimal wallpaper patterns are usually chosen close to the background color. You can not choose from a wide range of colors in your simple wallpaper, because in this style, diversity is avoided and the background of the wallpaper looks uniform and homogeneous. Picking a minimal space requires its own intelligence and art. Having a minimalist atmosphere means that you have to say goodbye to the hustle and bustle and discipline your home environment by using “less effective appliances”. This type of decoration will also be a great option for people who follow the philosophy of Feng Shui.

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