Kitchen decoration mistakes - پلتفرم مشاورمون
Kitchen decoration mistakes - پلتفرم مشاورمون

Kitchen decoration mistakes

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Kitchen decoration mistakes

If we want to have a perfect decoration for the kitchen, we need to have the right planning for the floor to ceiling and from the windows to the cabinets, and even small details that may not seem important at first glance; They are very important. Always talk about what strategies to design the best kitchen decoration; We talked; And in the kitchen decoration article, we addressed important issues. But in this article, we will talk about kitchen decoration mistakes and mistakes that may occur in kitchen decoration.

1. Kitchen layout mistakes
In addition to the mistakes that may exist in the design and form of the kitchen; One of the common mistakes; Lack of attention to the principles of kitchen layout. Each type of kitchen appliances has its own place and with a little creativity you can make the most of all kitchen spaces to make the layout of the space beautiful and functional.

2. Common mistakes in the style of kitchen lighting
One of the biggest mistakes in kitchen decoration is that it is dark and does not use windows. The kitchen becomes pleasant and beautiful despite the natural light and fresh air flow. So beware of the following mistakes:

Place items in front of the window that prevent the window from opening.
Use curtains attached to the window frame that restrict the entry of light.
Inadequate lighting of the kitchen space, which makes the kitchen look smaller and smaller.

3. Common mistakes in choosing colors in the kitchen
The color combination of the kitchen is one of the important features in the kitchen decoration and not being familiar with the color combinations will cause mistakes in the kitchen decoration. For example, when you use black in the kitchen, especially when the space is not too large, do not expect to create an open space. On the other hand, if you make all parts of the kitchen white, the kitchen will be cold and dull.

4. Common Mistakes in Choosing Kitchen Decorations
Some people are very interested in decorating the kitchen and using decorative items to the extent that they use these items in addition to the living room, living room and bedroom in the kitchen. The kitchen itself is a space full of appliances and relatively crowded, especially if it is small as a result; It is better to avoid decorating and using decorations in the kitchen. An example of the hustle and bustle of kitchen decoration; Use photos and decorations on cabinets and refrigerators. Try to avoid extra decorations in the kitchen space.

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