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Interior Decoration - پلتفرم مشاورمون

Interior Decoration

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, interior decoration is “a harmony designed to bring colors, furniture and other objects to an artistic room or building.”
With this in mind, we all take on the role of an interior decorator when we decorate our home and think about the best arrangement of our home furniture. However, interior decoration, like other arts, has different styles and details that change according to the tastes and needs of the time.
Interior decoration, like other arts, has a style and context and principles that change according to the tastes and needs of each period.
Interior decoration is related to the art and science of creating an interior space that is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Interior decoration follows a variety of styles and trends and brings them together to express the user’s personal style. In other words, interior decoration deals with how a free plan can be paired with furniture that complements the space or with the decor that is impressive, or how the atmosphere and mood of a space can be changed with its lighting and covering.
Everyone who decorates a home or office has somehow contributed to the interior design. Interior decoration is a hobby for many people because they can contribute to the idea of decorating their home without the need for any academic help.
Interior architecture is in fact the creation of space, a space that has the necessary efficiency while being beautiful and effective. By combining the principles and specialized elements of interior architecture with a sense of aesthetics, the designer creates an atmosphere that represents the identity, needs, perceptions and desires of the other party.
Interior decoration is the link between architecture and interior design. This field, on the one hand, is related to the building and its components and elements, like architecture, and on the other hand, like interior design, it focuses on interior spaces.

What is modern interior decoration?
“The less the better.” This is one of the principles of modern decoration. In modern decoration, the less furniture, the more effect. In modern rooms today, the simplicity of the furniture is emphasized more than anything else, and dark or black colors are often used.
Dark colors give a special style to the room and make it look classic and modern. In this type of decoration, usually the decor items in a room are limited to tables, sofas and a few objects.
Principles of arrangement in interior decoration The art of designing and creating interior spaces is taking into account two important factors of beauty and use. The issue of beauty of open space has been considered by humans and in recent years, attention to the type of use of spaces has become one of the most important factors in the field of interior decoration. In designing interior decoration, many points should be considered, some of which we will mention in the following:
• Internal map
• Ambient light
• Separation of plans
• Cover the walls, ceiling and floor
• Furniture and other accessories

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