Familiarity with how to clean and wash different types of furniture - پلتفرم مشاورمون
Familiarity with how to clean and wash different types of furniture - پلتفرم مشاورمون

Familiarity with how to clean and wash different types of furniture

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Familiarity with how to clean and wash different types of furniture
Cleaning furniture makes the environment look longer and increases the life of the product. Various things can be done to do this washing at home. By regularly dusting and sweeping the sofas, you can always keep them tidy. When sweeping, we should clean all the seams and between the mattresses well, and finally, by pulling the brush on it, we should make it look better. Using a detergent solution is another way to clean furniture at home. To do this, mix some dishwashing liquid with some white vinegar and a little baking soda and water. Pour the resulting material into a spray can so that you can spray the sofa with a clean cloth.

How to wash furniture
Sofas can be washed in three ways. One of them is the use of steam washing. You can thoroughly clean and disinfect the fabric of your sofa by steaming. The second way is to use lukewarm water solution and shampoo. In this way, after preparing this solution, you should dip a large cloud or sponge in it and clean the upholstery of the sofas with this foamy cloud. Then draw another wet cloud on the fabric of the sofa to remove the floor surface of the fabric. In all methods of washing furniture, you must be careful not to wet the wood of the furniture. When wood gets wet, it scales and whitens quickly and cracks over time. The third method is to entrust the washing of sofas to the centers that do this. After washing the sofas, try to dry them with a hair dryer so that the fabrics do not disappear and do not wrinkle.

How to wash the sofa with the machine

Washing the sofa with the device is done by a mechanized device that is designed and made for cleaning and washing all kinds of sofas. In this device, clean water and dirty water tanks are located separately and there is a compressor to produce foam and a powerful two or three stage suction motor to suck the contaminants in the device. One of the most important features of the sofa washing machine is the production of foam (floor), which remains on the surfaces due to its low density. The foam produced by the compressor has a high concentration, which due to its high cleaning power, causes powerful washing of surfaces and prevents water from penetrating into the chair or sofa. This foam dissolves impurities well and dries quickly using the suction power of the sofa machine. Some models of this device are equipped with a heating system that can produce high temperature foam and increase the quality of sofa washing because hot water or hot foam has a high ability to dissolve grease and electrostatic pollution.

Ways to wash all kinds of velvet and white velvet sofas

After the velvet sofa gets dirty, the first thing you should do is check the product label, because these products often have labels and catalogs, and it contains important points that must be observed. If your velvet sofa is constantly available and used by you, we suggest that you clean it every 6 or 8 hours so that you do not get into trouble. For this purpose, with the help of some cotton and dragging it on the sofa, you clean the surface impurities from the sofa and clean all the out of sight and narrow parts of the sofa with cotton. After the bell gets dirty, try to clean it immediately because it will be harder to wash over time.

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