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 The popularity of drones in the world has been on a constant upward graph, and the construction industry is not behind in this movement. Having seen large scale application in the field, the versatility of drones encourage onsite personnel safety, regular updates of the ongoing construction project, hassleless remote monitoring, fasttrack surveying, and improved site security. With project managers, site engineers, and architects leading the charge of bringing drones to the site, these instruments have helped reduce the issues faced by a typical project of overshooting the budget and/or the schedule.

 The increased acceptance of drones in the construction industry has led to the formulation of strict UAV laws in the country hindering the movement of these miniature vehicles through the numerous federal aviation and zoning hurdles. Nevertheless, over the past couple of years, drones have enabled aerial transportation, bird`s eye photography, and easy execution of difficult inspections on site.  Technology empowers architects from  concept to completion. There is a process to follow, and each step is different. Drones not only help you click on aerial photographs, but also help you capture perspective, terrain, and the structure around the terrain. Drones are used by large corporate contractors  to monitor sites, track  project progress, and monitor resources. Drones aren’t new concepts, they’re how technology evolves over time by adding  features.

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