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The attractiveness of home interior decoration is formed by choosing beautiful furniture, and the smarter you make choices about different furniture and decoration elements, the more beautiful and attractive the result will be.
Choosing the right furniture with the style and size of the house for home decoration, as well as a beautiful bed service in harmony with the furniture and other parts and other items that are located in different parts of the house can figure out this beauty for you and the factor that makes this The most beautiful is the fit and harmony between the design and color in different parts of the house.
If you have chosen a certain style for your home, it is better to buy all the accessories that fit it, and even if you have set a specific color theme for your home, you should use all the colors that are used in different appliances. Either they are in the same color or they should be in harmony with it, and the contrast of colors can be attractive if it is significant, and the mismatch and harmony between the colors causes the beauty of the space to disappear and the space to look more crowded.

Select the reception curtain

One of the elements that have a great impact on the beauty of the house are the curtains, because they cover a large part of the wall of the house vertically, and the more curtains you choose for the reception, the more the principles and rules are purchased. Provides a more pleasant atmosphere for your home.
But in choosing a reception curtain, you should consider different things, and your only factor in buying a reception curtain is not its beauty, and in addition to that, the type of curtain, its dimensions, color, design, and various other items should be observed so that the curtain finally You are the best possible option for your reception decoration.
When choosing a specific style for your home, you should consider buying curtains and at the same time considering the size of the house. If your house is very small, you can use light colored curtains to make the space look bigger and more generous, or use silk curtains that are the same color as your house wall to make the space look bigger.
By choosing this type of curtain, you will not incur much cost and your house will be shown more stylish and bigger. At the same time, if your curtain is sunlit, you can easily use window lighting. Because in general, the more light in a space and the more bright colors there are in it, the larger the space is shown.
For small houses, choosing velvet or thick curtains and dark colors is not a good option at all, and also floral curtains can not be a good option for small houses, and the simpler and lighter the curtains, the more stylish it is.
Another thing to consider when buying reception curtains is to pay attention to the roof of the house. If the roof of your house is short, it is better not to use patterned valances and curtains, and instead use a simple wooden frame for the curtain rod and the upper part of your curtain, because it looks much more stylish and the ceiling Shows louder.
Another thing you can keep in mind when choosing curtains is that even if your window is not fully covered by the height of the wall, you can buy curtains from a universal model from top to bottom vertically. Use it, because the visual error in the audience will make your ceiling look taller, and this will make your home look more beautiful.
If your house has several windows, pay attention to the distance between the windows, and if the distance between the windows was short, use a uniform curtain, and if the distance was long, you can use two or more curtains on the side of the wall, and it is better to fill the space. Between these curtains, use paintings or decorative items that fit the style of the house.

Design and color of reception curtains

Choosing the right color for the curtains can be a very impressive option in the beauty of that house. If your home is filled with patterned rugs and patterned sofas, it is best to use simple curtains, and many people may think that if the curtains fit the furniture, they should be patterned like sofas. But this is not the case and if the simple curtain is next to the patterned furniture, it will be more beautiful.
If your carpets and furniture have very simple designs, you can use patterned curtains next to them and break the uniformity and neutrality of the environment, thus making the space more beautiful.
Also, if a specific color is used as a hand in your home space, you can use a curtain that has different colors in accordance with the theme of the environment, and next to the reception curtain, you can use cushions that are placed on the furniture. Choose, in combination with the tablecloth and decorative accessories, roll in harmony with this curtain color.
When buying different home appliances, do not forget that beauty does not depend on the fact that the device is more expensive or more luxurious, but beauty depends on the fit between different parts of home appliances and the more you apply the rules in the interior decoration of your home. Take it, you will see the result more tangibly.

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