Baroque architectural style - پلتفرم مشاورمون
Baroque architectural style - پلتفرم مشاورمون

Baroque architectural style

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Baroque architectural style

Baroque architecture began in Italy in the 16th century and spread rapidly throughout much of Europe. Baroque style is one of the architectural styles that is known for features such as theatrical appearance of the facade with luxurious decor and murals.

History of the Baroque style

Baroque style is one of the most famous architectural styles in the world and can be seen in the fields of music, painting, sculpture, fashion and so on.

The name Baroque is derived from the Portuguese word Baroque, which means an art form in which the rules of proportion are not applied.

The Ile Church is the first architectural work designed and built by Delaporta. Baroque was a new style in architecture.

This style had special features and for this reason it was noticed by people, but in the opinion of architecture critics, Baroque style is a style without structure and with theatrical decorations, which seems very strange.

Baroque architectural features

One of the features of this style is the combination of feeling with building elements.

In Baroque architecture, the architect does not follow certain rules, but uses complex plans and passionate designs to create a sense of movement and dynamism in the viewer.

Baroque architecture often has curved shapes such as ovals and a combination of concave and convex shapes, and in the main facade of its buildings, a central tower, dome, porch and various reliefs and designs can be seen.

Another feature of this style of grandeur is the twisted elements and gilded sculptures, contrast (lighting) and..

Light colors are used in buildings built with Baroque architecture. Extensive paintings on the ceiling and walls are features of the Baroque style.

Baroque buildings can be identified by a central opening in place of the door or gate. The opening was designed more clearly than the other parts in the building facade.

This remarkable entrance can be seen in many houses, monasteries and… then and now.

Baroque style has many architectural examples, the most important of which can be found in Vienna. One of the best cities to see Baroque architecture is Vienna in Europe.

A few examples of Baroque features

glory and splendor
light colors
Painted ceilings
Large murals
Gilded sculptures
Use of plastering and marble
Pay attention to appearance and decor full of ceremonies
Illusory effects such as eye deception
Twist and curvature (usually in the form of oval structures)
Oval domes
Demonstrative and passionate designs in the exterior and center of the building
Cut-out or unfinished designs (intentional)
Famous architects of Baroque architecture

Beautiful buildings and palaces were built during the Baroque period. One of the leading architects of this style is Francesco Bromini, whose first independent work is the Church of St. Charles in the Four Fountains.

Carlo Maderno, another Baroque scholar, has left the church of St. Peter in this style. John Lorenzo Bernini, often known as a sculptor, was one of the leading architects, most of whose works are of Baroque architecture in Rome.

Examples of Baroque style buildings

One of the most influential countries in Europe was the Habsburg Empire, which was at the height of its political power in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Many Baroque buildings were built at that time. Some of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Europe are:

St. Charles Church – St. Charles Church

One of the most interesting Baroque monuments is St. Charles Palace. The most important features of this church are magnificent columns, oval domes and beautiful reliefs.

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